"What is investing?"  "What is trading?"

If the questions above, or a similar one, ever have come to your mind, this site could help you. Here you´ll find  free videos and online Trading Courses that explains the Finance Business and Money Making the easy way.

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First time on this site? Don´t know what you should expect here? With the free membership you will get access to 4 full lengh videos from all 3 trading courses covering various areas of finance. You´ll get an overview about how I handle the explaining and way of teaching. Also you´ll receive email updates from the site as well as a free full Chapter  of the ebook of “Finance:English” .  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Finance : English - A Translation

First approach to "What is trading?" - This is not just another random day trading course. At the end of this finance training, terms like „going short“ or „Leverage“ won´t be strangers from another world, but welcomed companions of Stocks and Shares, bonds and ETFs, Binary Options and co. From that basic level, it will be easier for you to follow subject from the finance in business in the future. „Finance:English“ should support you, provide you with an overlook and may encourage you to dig deeper into the world where the Wolfs of Wallstreet howl. But not only starters should enjoy that course, since it was my intention to make it also enjoyable for advanced and Trading-Pros too. Be it through explaining the various investment products, just as providing opportunites to explain your job easier to others. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Investment and Portfolio with small Accounts


Coming closer to "what is investing?" - Investing and building up a portfolio with a small account, is that even possible? Yes, is it. Have you ever though about what a Fonds Manager does the whole day and what they have to keep in mind when working on the capital markets?  Here you will get an inside look about how to approach that endeavour yourself. This will be reduced to the most basic principals started with risk diversification, risk measurement, basic asset allocation and technical and fundamental analyses. Also we take a look at Alternative Investments. Because of the indepth sight of the topics this course could be an enrichment for starters who already made their first steps, just as well as for advanced. You could get suggestions for additional investments, get hints for to get rid of risk aversion and and receive tipps for further asset diversification. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


7 deadly sins of emotional trading

A different view on Trading Psychology with a lot of out-of-the-box ideas about how to overcome negative trading emotions. This Course is a collectection of tipps and tricks I gathered over the years to overcome whatever makes you uncomfortable when dealing on the finance markets . We will have a close look at questions like: What is your main trading emotion? Can you handle the market pressure or do you struggle? The goal is to strenghen your strenghs and weaken your weaknesses by carefully adjusting your mental attitude towords the charts and the underlying markets. It´s like a journey to our true self, not just a simple money training.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

eBook - "Finance : English - A Translation"

The Ebook to the course "Finance : English - A Translation" with additional liner notes, all examples and calculations and an appendix with further infos that are not yet featured in the course -

GET IT ON AMAZON  (full third chapter on Issuu for free)

Who is Werner Hochleitner and what is that "Sic Parvis Magna"? 

Sic parvis magna stands for making small things big, actually it was a motivational saying from pirate "Sir Francis Drake".  The term simply got  transfered to the modern money driven world. Making things big, why not the wallet or the bank account?

I, Werner Hochleitner, got born in 1978 in Styria, in the south of Austria but currently living in Vienna. Because of the hertitage, you´ll may here a more or less strong accent in the video lectures. My apologies to that.

In the year 1999 I got hooked on finance topics for the first time, back than I had myself focused on Fonds and life insurances that got combined with external Fonds. It must be admitted, I wasn´t very successful with gaining money that time. Since it didn´t turned out as planed, I worked in the IT sector, than changed to the HR department and was a self employed musician and sound engineer for a few years, even made it to the semi-finals of the 2010 Grammy Awards....

Anyway, in 2010, I decided to give it another serious try at the stock markets, this time with trading CFDs. The music business started to annoy me more and more, and to turn into Indices and Currency trading completly wasn´t a big decison to make. Since it´s not easy to let loose of something you did for years, I worked in both directons, which ended in a heavy Burn-out in 2012. However, I recovered soon and in 2015 I upgraded my trading from CFDs to Futures. Today, I trade both and in addition use the Metatrader for chart analyses, demonstration and testing as well.

Regarding my business education: Watching thousands of hours of videos on youtube, reading dozens of books and practise, practise, practise. Analyze the own trading mistakes, checking out new investment strategies or try to improve old ones, did I mention practising? What I did in addition was to passing the exam for a Stock exchange trader at the Stock Xchange Vienna.

Today a lot of information is availible on Youtube or somewhere else, but I haven´t found a summary of knowledge especially when it comes to explaining complicated terms and products in an easy way, understandable even for someone who has never heard of finance and investment before.  Thats how the idea for the first course "Finance:English" came to my mind.

I always try to pick Money issues, that did NOT already got covered a hundred times by others, or share information you could easely somewhere else. The courses I offer are deeper and with a unique approach, that was my goal from the start.

Feel invited to subscibe and check out the free video lectures in the "Free Membership section". I hope you enjoy them and we meet again on the other side. - FREE MEMBERSHIP SECTION

What are the goals of this site? +

Experienced Traders know the challenges you face when dealing on the stock and future markets. There is this study that said you need 10.000 hours of work to master a certain skill, Day and swingtrading, eventho it looks easy, is not different. This sites courses could may help you make it in less.

The daily trading routine could be very boring, thats why a lot of advanced traders develop such courses, make videos or do something related to the topic that can help others overcoming problems. This site is not different, maybe just more specific with the topics and more user-focussed. Lets have an Example how “Finance:English” could help:

When you tell someone you trade the CFD or Forex or whatever markets,it happens very often that people can not imagine about what you are doing with a random product, (e.g. What is forex?, What are Binary Options?, What is a CFD,  is that contagious?)

In worst case people switch to stereotyping like “He is a Banker”, or “She is playing at the markets with our deposit  money). An average person usually has no detailed idea what an Investment Banker or a Fonds Manager does the whole day, so the room is open for assumptions.

In such a case, this site could give you an idea about  whats happening in a Bank or Investementhouse, or from the other side, makes it easier for you to explain your job to others. More details on the course sites

How many students do you accept? +

Since this is an online course, technically there is no limit. However, the continuation of this site and it´s content will depend on the reactions I get and the time I have to invest. Better book the courses now, than to worry in 1-2 months when I might took it offline.

Werner, do you earn your daily income from trading? +

YesNo, I could but I don´t. In last couples of month, I have gained the financial freedom to focus on other kind of business too. Be a professional Daytrader is one of the best jobs in the world, but it´s a very boring and lonely one too. Thats not what I want, e. g. I even helped out a friends company in the HR department again. I also added niche sites and the import/export business to my economic portfolio. I don´t like to limit mysefl in my endeavours

For what are those 7 day delays for the bonus courses good for? +

I don´t want you to hurry through all the videos without taking the proper time to do watch them again and dedicate the necessary time to the lections. The topics are sometimes complicated and sometimes need some more time to get memorized. This should "force" you to get the stress out of learning

What is this site NOT? +

A get rich quick scheme, a MLM or HYIP promotion, a guide to fast success at the stock market (everything needs time), presenting detailed strategies (I do present one in the "Finance:english" course tho, but thats just for show and tell), Indicator sales,  Affiliate marketing guide - if you search for one of those, you are at the wrong place

Do you offer rewards for affiliates? +

Yes, check out our Affiliate site. In  case of further questions, get in contact at office@sicparvismagna,net

I wish you a lot of fun on this site, I´m certain you can take something positive with you. Feel free to write and ask questions, or make suggestions about what topics should be covered in the future.


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