Sic Parvis Magna means

"From Small Things Come Greatness"

"Provided with the right tools and the right mindest, the times to archieve financial freedom at the markets have never been better!" -                              Werner Hochleitner

Real Talk - Finance in plain language

"Isn't that some sort of gambling?", "If it's that easy, why isn't everybody doing it?" and so on....

When you start getting involved in the markets, you will be confronted with some more or less "challenging" questions from your environment.


Dear Mr. Smith! I hereby hold the following truths as self-evident, that all investors are created equal, with certain unalienable Rights, among these are to invest wherever I want to for a pursuit of Happiness

That to secure my point!


The strategy is proven profitable, you have a trading plan, know your risk measurement and still... Losses!


We simply do not act rational on the markets. Sad but true!

However, there is a solution!


Meet Werner Hochleitner

Werner Hochleitner is a successful Daytrader and Investor that developed video-trainings to make the understanding of complex finance issues almost playfully easy. His range covers Trading Starters support, Advanced Investors advises and outstanding, top-notch lectures in Trading Psychology. He is also a sought after Expert on with about 3.000 readers every month.


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