From rags to riches, the austrian way

Coming from the same area as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Didi Mateschitz (Founder of Red Bull), Werner Hochleitner follows their spirit of becoming more than a country-side boy with a future on the local steel mills.

Today he is an experienced Daytrader and Investor who supports people unleashing their potentials at the markets

About Werner Hochleitner


I´m Werner Hochleitner. I got born 1978 into a lower working class environment, somewhere in the middle of Styria (Southern Austria).

Imagine a 430 square feet (app. 40 m2) apartment, 4 adults and a baby where you can hear the neighbor beat his wife because of the thin walls.

Also a "career" at the ovens in the local steel industry seemed predetermined...


Sounds good to you?

To me, not! And I decided to do something against it!

In the year 1999 I got hooked on finance topics for the first time. Back than I had myself focused on Fonds and life insurances that got combined with external Fonds. It must be admitted, I wasn´t very successful.

Wanna know why I failed?

I had nobody that showed me how to do it. It was just try and error.

Within the following years I worked a lot in HR departments. That triggered my interest in psychology.

Especially long-time unemployed are a challenge for every HR worker.

To help people who are depressed, and feel forced is not an easy task and an act of balance between showing the way, motivate them, support them when they fall back and struggle.

I really started to enjoy helping others

Music was my first love....

I kept learning the "money business" but also put a lot of effort into my music career, which ended up at the semi-finals of the 2010 Grammy Awards for "Best Rock Song" with 2 of my tracks. 

Unfortunately I quickly discovered that making music and coming from Austria is nothing that could pay bills...

Did you ever had that feeling of something is truly right for you? 

I´m not only talking about a random topic you are just interested in. I´m talking about the real deal, feeling good and right for your situation and environment!

I found that, so I decided to focus on finance full time again!

This time with CFDs, and this time with the first little successes!

Than, 2012 a blow of fate

Working in both directions (music and daytrading) caused a serious Burn out syndrome, made it necessary to spend almost 2 months in a hospital.

A lesson I learned:
Working 16 hours a day even on weekends is not beneficial for your health

Here are the good news

It´s like getting up one more time more often, than life can beat you down!

I breathed that sentence and included it in my daily motivation


What made me succeed in the end?

Fighting for the goal, seeing at a certain point that it is possible to gain riches with a good idea, showing persistancy and honing an unbending will to succeed.


Read that til here?

Congrats, but I´m nothing special, you may have a similar story to tell.  I just hope I already could give you a motivational to continue reading, from here on it´s a possible start for you!

Lets make a few things perfectly clear!

I can NOT help you get rich quick!

Why not?

I don´t know how to


Seriously, if I would have done it myself, without all the struggles. Do you really think I would have worked 16 hours a day, ruining my health, abandon friends and family for success if I would have known a shortcut?

N O P E !

All good development needs time and in the history of mankind it was never  a "First receive, than do" scheme, but always:

First doing, than receiving!

Buying a lottery ticket or betting on Binary Options is not "doing"

If you are not ready for hard work and lots of learning, than you are at the wrong place.

You may have some misconceptions here

If you think you can download a random strategy from a self proclaimed guru than, well, be my guest. But don´t tell me afterwards it didn´t worked and the "guru" somehow couldn´t be contacted anymore.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! 

The markets are there for the taking but just with the right attitude and a fundamental knownledge behind.

Make no mistakes

If you want to do MLM or HYIP this site is not for you! 

As for some products MLM works pretty fine, but definately not with a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi system in the background.

If you want to upgrade your downline, sry, this is the wrong page. 

What a HYIP is I explain in my Blog 


Whats in it for you? What do you get here?

  • • Substantial knowledge about the markets and easily applicable information, hints, tipps and tricks for your to gain money with trading and investing
  • • Real Talk! Blatant truths about the finance markets, said plain and simple.

Well, there are no fancy testimonials on this site. How can I trust you really being as good as you say?

A smart person would probably sign in to the 100% FREE "10-7-4-Go Quickstarter" Online Video Course, read the Blog articles and decide than.

And, if you like that, you may want to check out more and see if I really "work" for you.

The Mini-course and some PDFs are just the start.


You also can send me an email with questions. How is that?


It´s free!


And, there is this offer, I usually don´t share in public.....   Ah, forget it, no sales pitch here.

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It´s as simple as that!


However, whatever you do I wish you all the best and good luck with all your future endeavours.

 Thanks for reading this page




Werner Hochleitner