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All 3 Courses I offer on this website are open for affiliate cooperation. In case of a successful sale through your affiliate account YOU GET 50% OF THE SALE and the Ebook "Starters Kit to trade the markets" for free after the second sale.


Who Pays You?

Clickbank will.

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In case you never heard about Affiliate Marketing before,  here is a little introduction of how it works:

Affiliate Marketing is also called recommendation marketing. You recommend my courses to a friend of yours e. g. by mail and this friends buys on of my courses through a special "Affiliate Link". You can get that by activating the Promo Link generator with your Affiliate ID from Digistore24, located beside each course. In case of a sale, you will get the half of the course costs.

As for a simple calculation: You sell my course "7 deadly sins of emotional trading" by using the Affiliate link you´ll receive 50%(about 50.- €) of the sales worth. By selling the course twice you already have enough sales to get the course for free yourself. From the third sales on, you are making money with my course everytime someone buys it using your promo link without you having moved a finger for this website and it´s content.

You don´t even need to have any idea about finance when doing this kind of marketing. If you simply know a lot a people who are interested and willing to pay for good clear information and video lectures it´s enough. Money making could be easy, well somehow 😉

IMPORTANT: You are not obliged to anything by making Affiliate marketing for SPM. If you want to quit, just stop making promotion, you don´t even have to cancel something, just stop doing it.

However, we can not cooperated without a few basic rules. Here are a few NO GOS that will result in an immediate cancellation of the affiliate programm

  • NO ILLEGAL SITES - Stating the obvious, no promo on e. g. filesharing sites
  • NO SPAM! You know what it is, just don´t do it. Not on Forums, guestbooks, or on Social Media. Publishing through payed and legal Viral Mailer is ok though, same goes for posts in Facebook Groups. Just don´t overdo it.
  • NO SALES ON OWN ACCOUNT - Means no sells through your account. If you want the product for yourself, than without the affiliate link. Get in contact for an Affiliate Coupon code for to get the courses cheaper.
  • NO CUSTOMER DECEPTION - No fake promises like e. g. exclusive deals or such


Starters Kit to trade the markets

More Infos at the Course Mainpage

Formula to become your own Funds Manager

More Information on the Courses Mainpage

7 deadly sins of emotional trading

More infos on the 7-Sins Mainpage 


If you forward you clients to buy a course please this link only: 


Anyhow else the client could not be assigned to you!!

Money making is a topic that is of interest for everybody, especially in times where the word "finance crises" is hanging over the world like a Damokles sword even more. This topic is never out of date!

Start promotion today, may receive the first sales commission tomorrow. Why wasting time?  Start now, the first 50% commission is maybe already waiting for your!

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CONTACT: If you have further question about how to start or need more information, don´t hesitate to write to office@sicparvismagna.net