Experts concur: The uttermost importance in trading is the right mindset!

No more Sweaty fingers, a rapidly beating heart, trembling hands, adrenaline shocks through the body, thoughts of doubt, thoughts of fear - Overcome them all!

Master Trading Psychology Now!

Ever watched your account bisected by the markets?

I had to experience that in 2010, 2 months after I seriously started CFD trading with real money again. Nobody told me about the effects some negative news form the "Non farming Payrolls" could have...   (remember? I had to learn everything the hard way)

Did I forget the Stopp loss? NO! The rate simple overjumped my stopp mark and rushed full throttle in the wrong direction. Guaranteed stopps weren´t available back than!

I clicked like a maniac, everywhere, but the system was collapsed!

P A N I C !

I just wanted to get out of the trade!

Imagine sitting at the trading desk, watching the rates plummet, seeing the account size decrease, decrease and come close to the 0.- mark? Threaten to go even beyond?

Do you know that CFD are leveraged products? A loss could be far higher than your intial deposit!

E V E N     M O R E     P A N I C 

I could lose everything I have and more!

Thoughts like "I have to sell me car and my parents house!" came up.

Eventually I got out! Account halved.  My whole body was shacking...

I needed over an hour to calm down

What was my mistake?

Lack of knowledge? Yes, but also how I got into the situation in the first place.

2 emotions got the best of me

  • Greed: I was already ahead of my planned profits, so to open another trade wasn´t even necessary.
  • Arrogance: I beat the markets for 2 months, made me cocky, made me think it´s my b*tch! I can take it whenever I want to. Very wrong!

This incident made me humble and curious! How can I put the years in the HR departments and the observing of people and studying human behaviour into trading?

Finally a solution!

It is necessary to spot the triggers that cause losses like these! Since they could be lethal to your account I decided to call the the 7 deadly sins of emotional trading

I put all my trading experience, all my HR and behavioural knowledge together and transfered that information into simple video lectures.  Step by step it covers the most common troublemakers and shows you ways to overcome them!

However it´s not something you simply watch, and thats it!

You have to do your homeworks!  I can just show you the different paths that lead to success. Picking the one that feels right for you and to walk it is your job!

This lectures can safe you a fortune!  

You have to be open for positive changes though

In a nutshell, here is what you´ll get:

  • Technics to cultivate your personality for trading. Like staying calm even if the rate comes close to your stop!
  • Ideas and advises of how to master your "problem-emotions" - Angry again because of stopped out? All the markets fault? I don´t think so....
  • Beneficial tools to install in your daily trading routine. Implement simple success-habits!
  • Advises for your preparation and how to stick to them. When you sit down to your trading desk, it should be a comfortable feeling
  • Out-of-the-box Ideas to not lose your temper in good and bad directions
  • The principles of how to hone the 7 virtues of trading - Those which makes it easier for you!
  • More tipps and tricks I use for to prepare myself emotionally for the markets every single day

Keep this in mind!

This course is for you, if you:

  • Are sick of trembling fingers, wet hands and constant insecurity
  • Don´t want to have the same experience I had. Remember? The one with the halved account?
  • Serious in changing your behaviour for the sake of your success at the markets
  • Want to put the finger in the wound if necessary and adjust your mindset accordingly
  • Can live with the fact that changes need time and you have to practise again and again

WARNING: This is not for you, if you:

  • Do not really want changes, but just, so you know, try and so, well...
  • Are perfect! ... or simply can´t handle the truth about your personality and don´t see any reason to work on it
  • Have serious psychological issues which need a medical doctor. The content deals with psychology, but I am no medical educated Ph. D! This is for trading related problems only!
  • Are already able to trade profitable and have vanquished your emotional obstacles
  • Are a complete starter without any experience - You should first open a Demo Account on a Broker of your choice and and try out trading for a few weeks or better months.

100% practical use

No theory based talking, circling around the subject without any substance! This is something you learn a lot in a bank or when studying!  There you can also learn how to calculate statistics and how to deviate equations. Absolutly unimportant for our cause here!

The content of the 7-Sins is taken right out of my experiences which I implemented into my daily routines to become better and better.

Nobody can´t controll his or her emotions to 100% but you can become close to it by using the shown technics! Thats why it´s inevitably necessary to observe our own behaviour when trading the markets!

Attending the course is definately just one part of the puzzle. However, it could be a lifechanging one! 

What would you pay for a lifechanging experience?

To develop the right Trading Mindset is a constant learning process, but I guarantee you, it´s definately worth it.


  • You will get access to the 17 videos from the basic course


  • Access to the continuously extended Bonus area, currently additional 2 Bonus videos


  • The Ebook "Your Starterskit to the trade the markets" for FREE


You get the 18 videos, the 4 bonus videos, and the ebook for  97.- instead of 199,00!  -

(Sommer Sale - Safe more than 50%)

yes let me in

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I spoke of guarantees before, here are more - NO risk for you

If you follow my instructions and apply the content in the lectures, I hereby guarantee, that you´ll see a development in your personality, and eventually also a  development on your trading account!

Being patient with yourself and practising every day will bring you profits in the end!

Think about it!

How would it think would it feel when you sit down on your comfortable chair at your trading desk, fully confident, balanced and calm. Being able to focus on the only thing that is important, the trading, no matter what happens in the next hours?

I can assure, it feels good!

So, if you are sick of falling for emotional traps all the time, than you have to do just one simple thing:

Click on the button to get yourself  the "7 Deadly sins of emtional trading" now ans say YES!

I would be happy to welcome you now in the membership area and show you the first video lectures!

Best Regards


yes let me in

PS: The 7 sins of emotional trading are the adversaries of the modern daytrader.

The ones that cause a rapid heartrate and thoughts of fear and doubt! They are the main reason why 90% of all traders in the world fail!

The provided lectures show how to conquer the issues with 100% practically applicable tools. The result is you becoming a better trader and make more money at the markets!

Speaking of the 90:10 ratio - Here is a well known fact:

The 10% that succeed at the markets have mastered their emotions!

You can do that too!!