You don´t need 500.000.- and more!

It´s not necessary to rely on your Banks Account Manager. Being independent, being the master of your financial fate is no longer an unattainable dream. In the history of trading it has never been easier to get started and become your own Funds Manager!

Be your own Boss!

Managing a portfolio is something you need years and you need to study and you need to work at a Bank, and you have to have year long experience, and you need to be exceptionally good at maths, you need to  ...


You´ll be suprised

Thats right!

When I start to manage my assets, I had my knowledge about day and swingtrading and a few months of bad experience with Funds. Yes, it was a rough start, but it worked out. Why I even tried that you ask?

You may heard that saying "Everybody said it´s not possible until someone came up who didn´t knew that, and just did it!"

My goal was to secure the financial future of me and my family.My goal was to have a safe haven to rely on in bad days. My goal was to support my parents. My goal was to provide a foundation for my kids. (ok, I´have none yet, but who knows...)

Do you share one of those goals?

I think those are worth spending time and money. Also, the satisfaction of archieving them is incomparable.

Just to make the point perfectly clear!

Yes it is possible to start with 10K or less and yes it is possible to be your own Funds Manager.

B  U  T

Even Warren Buffet hasn´t become a multi millionaire over night, and you won´t either, thats just being realistic!

Actually managing your own Portfolio is a more security oriented way of investment.

To make this perfectly clear one more time.

An average Funds Manager at a big company needs years to become good, but he also has to take care of a lot of company policies and far more legal things than you have to when you start.

So your advantage when you just manage your own Portfolio is, that you can focus on your own measurements and your own evaluations.



A random Funds Manager buys 200.000 shares from a certain stock. Lets say, thats 2,5% of his Funds capital. Let´s assume further that one share costs 100.-

If you have just 10.000.-  on your account,  you are also able to use 2,5% of your money to buy that certain stock.

2,5% of 10K are 250.- You can get 2,5 shares of that company!

Do you see where this leads too?

You won´t make that much money profit as the Funds Manager if the rates increase, but measured in % it´s the same!


You are on the same side, involved in the same investment products!

Why not copying the working routine of someone who has already proven to be profitable?

What if you would be able to apply the same principles as the Funds Manager?

I want to be totally honest with you

This is  not something where you watch a few video lectures, read an Ebook, fool around at the markets and you are done.

It´s hard work to get the right combination of products together, and you will need a lot of time if you want to do it right.

Nothing big ever got accomplished out of lazyness!

What you get: 

  • Simplified, straight to the point lectures without useless blablabla that just cost your precious time
  • Step by step instructions for to seperate yourself from your Banks Account Manager
  • A finance workout programm, literally. You will see how the big players pick their shares and bonds for their Portfolio
  • How to get started with small accounts. This course has the subtitel "Investment and portfolio with small accounts" for a reason!
  • Thinking outside the box - A glimpse in trading psychology and alternative investments
  • Tipps and tricks how you find out about what type of risk you prefer - leads to how you should weight your ratio of safe to more risky products
  • Examples of real working profitable Portfolios - Some you can rebuild 1:1 !

Please always keep this in your mind and I´m really serious here!

Eventho I show you how to start and the strategy, this is no get rich quick scheme! You will experience that yourself, it´s like with every other profession. You can succeed at the end, gaining financial freedom, but on it´s way to that goal, it´s no pain, no gain.

Thats why it´s called a "Formula" and not "Ultimate weapon for instant fortune"!

This course is for you, if you:

  • want to be independet and no longer be a slave of the Banking System - You can decide whats in your Portfolio, no more relying on pre-manufactured products.
  • want to take the action in your own hands and have full control over your financial situation
  • care about whats in it for you in the years to come - Means. if you are in for a long term commitment.
  • serious about it and are open for continuous learning. Nobody can put your Porfolio together better than you yourself! That said, you will need to try things out, see which work best for you!
  • willing to watch a video, think about it, write down notes and than start the next lecture and repeat that procedere

WARNING: It´s definately NOT for you, if you:

  • are already an investor and profitable with your portfolio management
  • have trust in your Banks Account Manager and you are happy with what you get from him
  • just interested in short term money making - Daytrading or Swingtrading might be more suitable in that case
  • think of 100% - 200% annual profit. The diversity of a Portfolio guarantees more safety than short dated trading. This safety comes with the price of less annual profit.
  • just recently started to learn about the markets. The topics in this course are too complicated and I use a lot of terms you might not heard of yet. Better start with a beginners course first!

The lectures are presented in an extremly compressed way, straight to the point

Also I took care to not use too much of the terms that need comprehensive background knowledge to full understand.

However it´s really  important to jot down some notes when watching them. If necessary,  again and again!

I also extracted the pointless stuff like the detailed calculation of statistics or how a trading algorythm works. I don´t want to bore you with finance theory either!


What you need is the basic formula to get started and build your own Portfolio from scratch!


It would be crazy to say that this course is a replacement for a master study or an MBA. That would be a blatant lie!

But we are lucky! Fortunately, we don´t need that!

Thats why I´m able to make you an offer you can´t ignore.

  • You will get access to the 12 videos from the basic course


  • Access to the continuously extended Bonus area, currently additional 4 Bonus videos


  • The Ebook "A Starterskit to trade the markets" for FREE

The time is now! Go and get it!


You get the 12 videos, the 4 bonus videos, and the ebook for  97.- instead of 199,00!  -

(Sommer Sale - Safe more than 50%)

yes let me in

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And I am not finished yet!

Since I want you to succeed, I hereby offer you a full money payback guarantee within the first 30 days, if you do not see any kind of progress in your knowledge and your investment endeavours.

Btw, do you watch the news sometimes?

Do you saw the guys in suit and tie walking around in an important manner talking about the bullish markets? Maybe from huge investment companies who are in charge of Portfolios with billions of Dollars?

You and them are in the same business, doing the same thing!

You can be one of them! (just with a smaller account) You could start even if you sit in your pyjama at your computer at home! It doesn´t matter!

You could be your own Funds Manager! 

You are also not limited to a certain dress code!

Now get yourself the "Funds Manager" course and start today with the first lections!

You will get the access datas even if it´s just 3am!




yes let me in

PS: Becoming your own Funds Manager is no longer just a game for the studied! The times where you needed 100K and more are over!

FACT IS: it has never been easier to put your own Portfolio together.

What you need is what you get here!

A formula with step by step instruction of how to build your own portfolio from scratch!

BUT BEWARE: It´s not for everybody!

Better read more if you can handle the demands and are really in for some tough work!

The only thing I can tell you, it´s definately worth it!

PPS: The formula to become your own Funds Manager!

In  a nutshell: That´s 12 Videos, 4 Bonus Videos and free Ebook - for a life liberated from the oppressive Banking System