A lot of people make money on the markets, you too?

If not, why?

What if you could have a STARTERKIT Online Video Course that explains the most important markets, shows you tools how to approach them and provides you with an actual profitable strategy you can instandly try by yourself?

Would that help?

Hey, if it would be that easy, everybody would do it! -  90% fail at the markets, why do you think you could be one of the 10%? - What do you do when you lose all your money at the markets?

Does that sound familiar to you?

Oh boy, I heard that a lot...

Super discouraging!

I was at the same point as you probably are at the moment, with one huge disadvantage

In 1999, the Internet wasn´t as developed as it is today. Means, no online courses, and sometimes even basic information wasnt that easy to find.

I had to use try and error....


It´s easier than you may think

You may heard about that Daytrading or Swingtrading. Someone around you spoke about ETFs, Binary Options or Blue Chips?  Wait, Blue Chips? I wouldn´t eat that!

Blue Chips are named after Poker Chips (Blue=highest value) and refer to the most valuable, most reliable and often biggest company stocks of a country.

You see, there is no black magic behind!

This and far more is yet ready for you to get explored! Today, truly everybody can trade the markets!

The markets don´t care who you are!

You could be a hobo with a few hundred dollars trading at an internet cafe, a drop-out from school living in the basement, a long time unemployed or just someone who wants to find out if he can reach the goal of financial freedom for himself and his family

It doesn´t matter!

There are people that did it before you, do it now, and there will be people who will do it in the future! Read about Warren Buffet, Tim Sykes, Nicolas Darvas or William J O´Neill.

They all did it! I did it!

You can do it too!


So yes, financial liberty is possible with Trading and it has never been easier as today!

But how to begin? 

This starterkit is here to get you ready! It puts you on the start line! The only thing left for you to do is: 


What kind of tools could be found in that kit?

It provides you with the most important knowledge, explained in easy understandable wording, and show you the first steps. It will take you by the hand and lead you through the basics of trading and investing education.

Afterwards you´ll be able to decide if you keep on running, on what track and with who as your team partner (the Broker).

Let me point this out one more time! You will learn:

  • how everything started to have a foundation and background knowledge where all the products come from
  • how you chose what products are right for you
  • whats the big fuss about economic news and what influnce they have
  • how to seperate the good from the bad Brokers
  • how to avoid getting sucked into gambling on the markets
  • about stereotypes and misconceptions
  • maybe the best at the end: how to apply a real profitable strategy - a strategy that you can try out instandly!

Please always keep this in your mind and I´m really serious here!

Eventho I show you how to start and the strategy, this is no get rich quick scheme! You will experience that yourself, it´s like with every other profession. You can succeed at the end, gaining financial freedom, but on it´s way to that goal, it´s no pain, no gain.

Thats why it´s called a "Starterskit" and not "Ultimate weapon for instant fortune"!

This course is for you, if you:

  • want to get started with trading the markets, plain and simple
  • just want to be able to talk with other people about the topic without being an outsider anymore
  • already have some experience but want to learn more about other products which might be more suitable for your needs

WARNING: You should stay away, if you:

  • are already an profitable working advanced or pro trader who knows the deal
  • search for a get-rich-quick scheme or just want to learn about Binary Options
  • prefer affiliate, MLM and HYIP marketing over serious trading
  • think that money is the root of all evil and making money with money is wrong
  • are not serious about it! Eventho I compressed the lectures, it´s still a lot of content. If you are not serious, you are just wasting your time.

A lot of Brokers offer free webinars, why should I order your traing?

Brokers focus on their own business, means a CFD Broker will tell you a lot good things about CFDs, a Futures Broker will talk nicely about Futures and so.

We have a saying here, "A jeda Tandla loubt sei Woar" - Means, every salesman praises his goods. I do too, and I´m not ashamed of it. It´s a natural thing.

However, in case of Broker webinars, they are biased on their products. This site here is not sponsored by any Broker, nor a Bank or any other kind of investment company.

Sic Parvis Magna is independent!

...and we start from the very basics, no previous knowledge necessary!

It starts from zero and leads you to 100!

To 200, you may can go with the free Broker webinars....

So how much for a Starterkit Online Video Course that includes ALL prominent products AND finance terms AND a Bonus Section?

If I would calculate the amount if time and the flattened accounts into the price, it would be crazy, so lets break it down!


  • You will get access to the 17 videos from the basic course


  • Access to the continuously extended Bonus area, currently additional 4 Bonus videos


  • The Ebook of the Course for FREE


You get the 18 videos, the 4 bonus videos, and the ebook for  97.- instead of 199,00!  -

(Summer Sales -  Safe more than 50%)

yes let me in

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Instand Access right after the payment - And this is not the end!

I hereby guarantee, that you will have a good overview on the different markets and be able to get started.

In the highly rare case that you couldn´t take anything with you and you are not happy with the lectures. Send me an email that you want your money back and I´ll do that!


Thats right! I´m seriously confident that this course can help you!


Actually, it´s not even a simple course. See it as an encyclopedia, you can check back anytime to get info about this or that market. Thats also a reason for the Ebook! You don´t even need to log in!


What your family and friends say when you start at the markets? Probably you would get the same questions asked I got. But imagine to tell them you got started and maybe even made your first few profits!


Their facial expressions?   PRICELESS!


With the starterskit you are well prepared to make them humble, so don´t waste any more time!

yes let me in

I would be happy to welcome you now in the membership area and show you the first video lectures!!


Best Regards


PS: I have market fever and beware, it´s contagious!!

Maybe because I had to find out the hard way. Weeks and months of investigating of what kind of investment is good and what is bad. Burying money and many Demo Accounts....

You don´t need to go through all of this.

Because of the changes the modern day internet brought us, and also because in this training everything is neatly prepared for you.


So, do you wanna get started?


OK, here is your the starterskit to trade the markets!

PPS:  An Example:

The Forex (exchange) market has a daily turnover of 4 trillion USD!


Do you want a piece of that cake or at least learn how you could be able to participate?  

In the starterskit you´ll find all answers....