10-7-4-Go System - The quickstarters Guide to the Markets


A StartersKit, an Investment Formula and a Lesson in Trading Psychology

Charles Buxton once said: "If we do what is necessary. the odds are in our favor!"    I would say:  If you do what is necessary, your thereby force the odds to be in your favor! Buying the right stocks, having the right mindset and so on...

Let me tell you a story:

In my career I tried what seemed like 398213 trading strategies and investment approaches. Some of them worked, but most weren´t even worth the time. I learned the hard way that success at the markets is not a god given right! It´s s something you need to work out but something definately worth to be accomplished!

Did you experienced something similar?

There are many mean downfalls on the way! Imagine putting all your hopes and dreams into a venture and seeing that getting crushed by unexpected circumstance that could happen but nobody told you about.

Thats bad, to say at least.

Therefore: Number of flattened accounts? Many!


If someone would have told me the things that I tell you with the free PDF and the "10-7-4-Go" Training I would have succeed far earlier !

More Details please

So whats that 10-7-4-Go System?

 It´s a very simple 3 lectures video training for instand improvement!

I´ll how you straight forward, some  basic principles of the market in a compact shape. Those are the ones all pro-traders and investors followed on their way to success!

The things I show you are taken out of year long experience!

It´s 100% practical use!

If applied accordingly, they could be 100% life changers!

It´s not about commonly known theories you can read anywhere! No math-driven statistic craziness! It´s also no "miracle drug" than can make you a Warren Buffet over night. Unfortunately, I have to tell you: Such a thing does not exist. No sugarcoationg here.

My concepts are based on year long experienced trading reality!

The 10-7-4 Go Quickstart Video Lectures

  • 10 easy steps to success at the markets, a Starters-Guide 
  • 7 Point Reality Check with Portfolio Example
  • 4 key emotional traps you need to avoid

...hence the name....

This lectures can safe you time and money!

If you are ready to become serious at the markets

I´ll show you:

  • Whats the best approach to make your first profits
  • What your Bank Accounts Manager probably won´t tell you
  • What kind of habits you should develop to constantly repeat your successes
  • How to spot and how to avoid the most common mistakes about the markets
  • How you gain money momentum and stay on track
  • Ways to get rid of the inner voice that tell you reasons to fail
  • And many more...

Think about it and be honest about it! 

It´s for you, if you:

  • Interested in a future life full of financial freedom
  • Sick of being a slave to the Banking system
  • Searching for a solution that worked already for many others
  • Hungry to archieve a higher goal instead of focus just on the average
  • Serious about learning to howl with the wolves of wallstreet

WARNING: You can stop reading here, when you are:

  • A successful, full time trader with his own profitable strategies and year long experience
  • Negative about making money with money
  • Someone who wants to get his money problems solved with a magic trick
  • Someone who wants get rich quick
  • Someone who wants everything served on a silver plate but don´t wanna move a finger to get it

Why is it different from other traings?

It´s about the 3S:   Simplified Solution Service

The only thing that is important to me is that you take something with you. It´s about positive profitable results and not about me bragging how awesome I am! I won´t show you my fancy car or pics from my last trip to Beijing or Los Angeles. Also no 2-3 hour videos with me sitting at the trading table just watching the charts.

This is focus lies on the important things! Like your profitable results and how you can get an advantage at the markets!

Thats what it´s all about!

Nobody can foresee the future or predict a price movement! It´s crucial to use every advantage we can get a grip on to become profitable.

No advantage when entering, no money when exiting


The best investment is always in knowledge!


  • Access to the 3 online video lectures from the quickstarters training


  • BONUS 1 : A Pdf with 25 finance/investing FAQs


  • BONUS 2 : A Pdf with a Full Chapter of the Ebook "Your Starterskit to the trade the markets"


You get the 3 video lectures and the 2 bonus PDFs for 0.- instead of 59,00! 

(YES, it´s 100% free, just enter your emailadress in the box below!)

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You need your money for to get started at the markets! Just invest in things which you think could bring you an advantage!

NO risk for you!

How satisfing could that be?

Imagine yourself in a big house, you lie in the hammock watch your children play in your huge garden. Your former neighbors work their a*ses off in their 9to5 routine job while you enjoy a Pina Colada at your swimming pool with your wife. Getting up at 10am and enjoy breakfast till 12?

Why not? You made it, you pushed through, you showed persistancy

Thats possible when trading the markets!

 No more excuses left! Now, go and get it! 

See you in the membership area!


Best Regards


privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

PS: Here is what you get in a nutshell:


The 10-7-4 Go Quickstart Video Lectures

  • 10 easy steps to more success at the markets
  • 7 Point Reality Check & Portfolio Example!
  • 4 key emotional traps you need to avoid

PLUS 2 FREE Bonus Pdfs with more insights

For FREE instead of 59,00!

Solid information taken from your long real trading life experience!