Taking out the complexity of trading products and intricating terms

Getting rid of misconceptions is the first step

It has never been easier to start your Career at the Markets

Finance Education could be very dry, boring, or even worse, complex to a point where you don´t understand a thing. The used terms are usually for advanced and you have to have a dictionary and Google at your side for to do wording research. I say, no more! Enough of that! It can get easier!

First, say YES if one or all of the following statements circle in your head
  • It might be nice to earn some additional income and maybe start a new career
  • I want to get out of the 9to5 routine and spend more time with my friends and family
  • I want to learn about finance and maybe study it later
  • I want to work from home with serious trading but don´t know how to get it started yet
  • I want to learn more about what that folks in the Bank are doing the whole time

Today we have the advantage on our site!

The times to get invested or start trading have never been better. The technical opportunities, the almost limitless diversity of products, the legal safety regulations. None of them have ever been better! We can choose what Broker we want to use.

Our advantage is that we can decide over almost everything so that it fits exactly to our specific needs!

Mindset is important too - The following are usual tripwires

  • I want to get rich quick - Wrong!
  • Rich people are bad and just got their wealth by cheating - Wrong!
  • The markets are just for the big players and I can never compete with them - Wrong!

Beside the mindset, there are a few things you need to do and most of them are learning and doing research. It´s Finance Coaching and not "Finance I-want-to-get-everything-handled-for-me". Nothing every gained from nothing. A few points here:

  • Being patient with yourself! It´s constant learning and practising that makes you succeed
  • Start with a Demo Account first and test as much as you can until you find the right trading/investing method for you
  • Investigate about the right Broker and maybe even Banks for your needs

Patience and dedication are the Key incredients to long term success but you also need the legal and technical environment to make it work perfectly. Stick to your personal measurements and the trading/investment plan, but also be open for improvement.

You need an Eye Opener and a Reality Check

Before you start running - check your laces

First lesson: The 20 most common misconception about the markets! Get them now, 100% Free!

  • Learn about how to get started and what you need to do to live from trading/investing
  • Security for your family or more money to spend for travelling, food and the good life. It´s all in a reach but the basics are first
  • Opening an Account on a Brokers website is as easy as 1-2-3! It´s open for everybody who wants to and has the will to suceed!

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If you got rid of the misconceptions and really want to start with thre real deal, than you can make the next step. Think about it like in school. Finance education is no different. It may take time, but it´s definately worth the effort!

Who is writing here?

Werner Hochleitner is an Austrian Finance Entrepreneur and Author that developed Online video Trainings to make the understanding of complex finance issues almost playfully easy. His range covers Trading Starters support, Advanced Investors advises and outstanding, top-notch lectures in Trading Psychology. He is also a sought after Expert and writes specialiced articles for german Traders Magazin as well as a guest writer for Investment Newsletters.