Your Starterskit To Trade The Markets

(Taking out the complexity of trading products and intimidating terms)

Learn the Basics - Get rid of misconceptions - Make the first step

The times for a Career at the Markets have never been better

The  Starterskit

Your Starterskit to trade the Markets is an Online Video Course that shows you:

  • How to get started at the markets - plain and simple
  • How to get out of the 9to5 routine within the next months
  • What stereotypes and misconceptions you should avoid
  • How you seperate good Brokers from bad ones
  • A real working, proven profitable strategy, instandly applicable
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The Formula To Become Your Own Funds Manager

(How to start investing with the Investment Formula)

Taken out the complex maths and intricate terms

It never has been easier to put your own Portfolio together

Funds Manager Formula

The Formula to become your own Funds Manager is an Online Video Course that shows you:

  • Step by step instructions to build a portfolio
  • Securing the financial security of you and your family
  • Diversifing of your wealth for the conservation of it´s value
  • How to liberate form your Banks Account Manager
  • Examples of real working portfolios you can rebuild yourself easily
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The 7 Sins Of Emotional Trading

(How to become more profitable by erasing problem emotions)

The right mindset is crucial for trading success

Including easy applicable exercises fo fast sense of achievement

The  7 deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins of emotional Trading is an Online Video Course that shows you:

  • Where the psychological tripwires lie and what parts of your personality you should hone
  • Advises in daily preparations for better trading results
  • Ways of how to avoid your "problem-emotions"
  • How to shape succes habits
  • Beneficial tools and Tipps and Tricks
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