Workshops and Webinars

Do you prefer the more interactive learning?

The possibility to ask questions live? 

Than I have good news for you!

From time to time I conduct Webinars and Workshops about various topics. As you see below the latest official ones were about starting as a Daytrader. Since it´s not for everybody I also did a few "Trading Psychology" and "Investment Basics" workshops for business clients.

I do not know what your needs are, how should I?

The conclusion: I let you decide.

Yes, you can decide what topic I should cover next in a webinar.  Just tell me a topic you want to get covered and I´ll take it in consideration.

Latest Workshops

  • 20.02.2017 - How to apply proven profitable strategies the easiest way
  • 20.05.2017 - Become a Daytrader - How to start, prerequisites and mindset
  • 20.11.2017 - Trading Psychology - Exercises and Habit development
  • XX.XX.2018 - CryptoCurrency - what to consider

Place: Online Webinar

Duration: app. 2 hours

Price: tba

Content: tba


More are planned and will be announced asap.

Your money back guarantee:

No risk for you!

I´ll take app. 2 hours of my time to show you practical tipps and tricks you can instandly use to gain an advantage on the markets. If necessary we extend the time, I won´t leave anybody behind when there are some questions left!

If you attend the workshop and you are not satisfied with the transported content or see no value for your trading/investing, than you´ll get your money back.

No questions asked!


Because I just want to have happy customers that actually apply the information in their daily rountines! They work for me so I´m certain they´ll work for your too!

Sounds interesting?

Great!  You can send topic requests to  I´d be happy to hear from you!!



Werner Hochleitner

PS: Just to point it out one more time.

  • Webinar about a topic of your choice
  • Open End - Ask as much questions as you like
  • Money Back Guarantee

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